Our Leadership


We are protected by overseers.

The overseers are non-staff members of the congregation who oversee the finances and direct the provision of the facilities needed by the church. They provide counsel to the Senior Pastor regarding the major financial commitments of the church. 

The overseers for Heartland Church are:

Dr. Stephen Dewey

Diane Eaton

Bob Eldridge

Carolene Mays-Medley

Scot Overdorf, JD, CPA (Secretary/Treasurer)

Chris Young



Covering Pastors

We are strengthened by covering pastors.

The covering pastors are ordained pastors of nationally-respected congregations and ministries who love Heartland Church and are willing to provide spiritual protection to the church. They may be called in to help in accountability matters related to the Senior Pastor if requested by the Overseers.

The covering pastors for Heartland Church are:

Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr.

First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland

Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

General Superintendent Emerita, The Wesleyan Church, Indiana

Dr. Jim Herrington

The Leaders Journey, Texas