High School Ministry

9th - 12th GRADE

High school MINISTRY (HsM)

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Every week during the school year, Heartland Students offers age and gender specific high small groups for students in 9th-12th grade. At these small groups, students have an opportunity to grow in community with kids their same age and grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. 

As a Church, we strongly believe that God-centered relationships have the power to change our lives and the lives of others for the better. No matter what grade your student is in, we promise we have a great group for them! 

This semester, our groups will be meeting offsite (Zoom or in person) to observe best social distancing practices. If your student is not a part of a small group yet, click here to get connected to a group!  


  • Your student will get connected to a protection-approved, trained adult small group leader who will be there every weekend to lead them.
  • Their small group will be based on their grade and gender where that adult leader will help them connect with other students in the group.
  • Partnering with parents is a core value to us, and we will communicate weekly about our sermon series, upcoming events and parent trainings. To be added to our parent communications, click here.


  • To love students well. To help them experience the love of God through consistent, loving relationships with our leaders and other students
  • To lead students in a growing relationship with Jesus. To help them get closer to God and other people through more intimate relationships (small groups).
  • To launch students out to be the church and change the world. We give them opportunities to serve within our church and around our community and city.

Testimonies from students and small group leaders


“Serving as a small group leader for high school girls has renewed my own faith! Every week when I watch these girls share with each other the real things they're going through and carrying, I'm so encouraged by the ways they support one another. I love seeing each of them share their questions and doubts, but mostly watching as they take small steps closer to Jesus every day. It's truly a gift to me to serve in this ministry!”    

High School Students:

“HSM has impacted me by making me feel closer to God as a family. The ministry makes people feel welcome and not judged in any way. It's an all around great program for students who are seeking God.”

“I love our high school ministry because it’s such an accepting environment where I’ve met some of my really good friends. Also, I like how the messages apply to my life as a high schooler.”

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