Middle School

5th - 8th GRADE


What We Do:

  • Student Night on the Second Wednesday of Every Month (NE Indy)
  • Illuminate services are at our NE Indy Campus on Sundays at 10:15 AM.
  • Special events throughout the year that focus on building relationships, growing as a community, and serving together


Why We Do It:

  • To love students well. To help them experience the love of God through loving relationships with our leaders and other students.
  • To lead students in a growing relationship with Jesus. To help them get closer to God and other people through more intimate relationships (small groups).
  • To launch students out to be the church and change the world. We give them opportunities to serve within our church and around our community and city.

Testimonies from students and small group leaders


Jerimiah Gorman: “Serving as a small group leader in the student ministry has allowed not only me but my whole family to encourage, disciple, and live life with these students. It is not just having fun seeing a movie, grilling out, or playing video games either. It has also been spiritually challenging in the best way possible. In order to help these students become God dependent and draw closer to Him, I have learned I have to be open and authentic about my own struggles when I was their age and how God brought me through them. Seeing God work in these student’s hearts and lives has made all the time and effort worthwhile. There is no greater reward than knowing your humble efforts are making an eternal impact.”    

Alexis Alvarez: “Being a small group leader is easily the most rewarding thing I do with my time. It amazes me how pouring all of myself into these girls, in turn, fills me up! My heart has never felt the overwhelming amount of love that it has since becoming their small group leader. These are relationships I treasure; with students and fellow small group leaders. We are one family and for that, I am blessed beyond measure!”

Middle School Students:

Jasmine: “I love having such a cool teacher that I can talk to.”

Adiaha: “I love how in Illuminate everyone there is so friendly and treats you like family whether it's your first day or if you've been going for years. Another thing I like is that they incorporate games into the service, while learning about Christ. It's cool because you are having fun while learning about Jesus and other life lessons. Lastly, I love how all of the leaders can relate to you and give you advice no matter what the situation is.”

Olivia: “I like being in Illuminate because it helps me understand the Bible better. It really speaks to me and it translates the confusing words in the Bible to something I really can understand. Illuminate also is just really fun and it gives us fun ways to learn about God!”

Chloe: “Illuminate is fun! I love learning about Jesus. There are good counselors who are very nice!”

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