Program Descriptions

Infant Program

Adventureland accepts infants beginning at six weeks of age. Our Infants are encouraged to form trusting relationships with caregivers by having their basic needs met. Teachers use feeding, diapering, and play times to bond with each child. Activities are planned for each day to foster healthy development physically, socially, spiritually, and cognitively. The Infant Classrooms use the Indiana State Standards for Infant Development as a guide to ensure that each child’s needs are being met. Before transitioning to our Early Preschool Program, children must:

  • be one year old
  • be able to walk
  • no longer require a bottle during the day
  • be able to feed themselves finger foods

Early Preschool Program

Adventureland’s Early Preschool Program includes children one and two years of age.  Early Preschool students learn through activities specially planned to meet their needs. Lesson plans are based on goals set by the Indiana State Standards for Early Childhood.

In the Ones Classes, teachers support children’s language development through targeted activities as well as through play. Teachers also encourage children as they begin to learn simple self help skills, such as drinking from an open cup and using a spoon to feed themselves. In our Twos Classes, teachers continue to support children’s cognitive, social, spiritual, and physical development while beginning the process of potty training. In order to transition into our Preschool Program, children must:

  • be three years old
  • be potty trained

Preschool Program

Adventureland’s Preschool Program begins at age three and includes both Preschool and PreK classes. The goal for this portion of our program is to fully prepare your child for kindergarten by meeting both the Indiana State Standards for Early Childhood and Indiana State Goals for Kindergarten Readiness.  Teachers prepare engaging activities that help children go above and beyond these standards, while also teaching problem-solving and self help skills that will give them a strong social foundation for kindergarten as well.

In addition to our in-house curriculum, we use “Handwriting Without Tears” to teach proper handwriting techniques.  This curriculum uses unique, engaging strategies to strengthen fine motor skills, reinforce letter recognition, and introduce letter formation without stress. HWT is a low-pressure, fun way that equips your child with the necessary handwriting skills for kindergarten.

Our weekly lesson plans include math, science, and early literacy activities that engage children in high-quality learning activities. From counting to simple addition, from sight words to reading, your child will be well-prepared to enter kindergarten. Adventureland’s Preschool Program is designed to help each child reach his or her fullest potential.

Music and Movement

Adventureland is pleased to offer Music and Movement, a weekly music class, to each age group from Infants through Pre-K. Once a week children enjoy music and movement through a combination of songs, rhythmic chants, and instruments. Each lesson is tailored to the developmental needs of the class. Music has been shown to support learning at every age group; studies have shown that it improves body awareness, math, science and literacy skills, in addition to inspiring creativity and increasing brain activity. We believe music is critical in enhancing educational success and developing a strong academic foundation.

Science and Technology

An understanding of science and technology are becoming more invaluable as schools are integrating advances into their curriculum. We believe that a foundation in these areas is needed to help children succeed in school. To support this need, children attending our Preschool and Pre-K programs visit our Science and Technology Lab once a week. Teachers plan lessons that take place in the Lab, using our science resources and educational i-Pad apps to engage your child and support important learning concepts. By the time your child reaches elementary school, they will have a fundamental understanding of how to use the i-Pad in a safe and secure learning environment, as well as an appreciation for curiosity and discovery.


As a ministry of Heartland Church, your child’s spiritual development is of utmost importance at Adventureland. Beginning in the Infant and Toddler Programs, teachers introduce simple Bible concepts, letting your child know he or she is known and loved by God. Teachers incorporate Bible stories, songs and prayer into the daily routine.

Children ages two years and up participate in group chapel each morning. During chapel, children learn praise and worship songs, listen to a Bible story, and pray together. Our teachers lead your child into an understanding of who God is and help them know that Jesus wants to be their friend forever!

Adventureland uses the Orange Curriculum, which incorporates both large group teaching and activities that are done in the classroom to carry on the themes taught in chapel. We are privileged to help your child build not only an academic foundation, but a spiritual foundation that will impact them beyond this lifetime!

For more information on Adventureland and enrollment, please contact Rachel Hann, director of Adventureland Childcare.

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