Our Team


  • Darryn Scheske

    Founding Pastor
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    Darryn Scheske

    Darryn ScheskeFounding Pastor

    Darryn Scheske is the Founding Pastor of Heartland Church, a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multiplying church in Indianapolis, Indiana. The son of second-generation missionaries, Darryn inherited his love for people in the islands of the Caribbean where he was raised. He has been married to his wife Loree for 24 years. They have a son and a daughter in college and one daughter in high school.

    Called by Converge MidAmerica in 2000, the Scheske’s moved to Indianapolis to start a new church without knowing anyone in the city. Over the last decade over 2,000 people have been baptized in water, publicly declaring their faith in Jesus Christ.  Today Heartland Church is attended by thousands of people at two locations in Indianapolis and the northeast suburb of Fishers. Heartland has also launched eight other new church plants in Indiana.

    Darryn also serves as Chairman of the Board of Overseers for Converge Worldwide and as the Indiana Director for Church Planting for Converge MidAmerica.



    Blog: www.darrynscheske.com

  • Dawn Adams

    Missions & Outreach Coordinator
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    Dawn Adams

    Dawn AdamsMissions & Outreach Coordinator

  • Bryan Bigger

    Campus Pastor, Downtown Indy
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    Bryan Bigger

    Bryan BiggerCampus Pastor, Downtown Indy

  • Tom Branum

    Executive Director of Operations, Missions & Outreach
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    Tom Branum

    Tom BranumExecutive Director of Operations, Missions & Outreach

  • Jon Cartagena

    Video Producer
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    Jon Cartagena

    Jon CartagenaVideo Producer

  • Rose Drascic

    Assistant in Management, Adventureland Childcare
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    Rose Drascic

    Rose DrascicAssistant in Management, Adventureland Childcare

  • Curt Edmondson

    Campus Pastor, Fishers
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    Curt Edmondson

    Curt EdmondsonCampus Pastor, Fishers

  • Joe Freeman

    Pastoral Care, Spiritual Formation Pastor
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    Joe Freeman

    Joe FreemanPastoral Care, Spiritual Formation Pastor

  • Rachel Hann

    Director of Adventureland Childcare
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    Rachel Hann

    Rachel HannDirector of Adventureland Childcare

  • Melodie Heer

    Sr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Preschool
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    Melodie Heer

    Melodie HeerSr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Preschool

  • Colby Hill

    Campus Pastor, NE Indy
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    Colby Hill

    Colby HillCampus Pastor, NE Indy

  • Liz Haynes

    Sr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Elementary
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    Liz Haynes

    Liz HaynesSr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Elementary

  • Evan Hoekzema

    Associate Campus Pastor, Westfield
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    Evan Hoekzema

    Evan HoekzemaAssociate Campus Pastor, Westfield

  • Melodie Hoekzema

    Assistant Director, Adventureland Childcare
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    Melodie Hoekzema

    Melodie HoekzemaAssistant Director, Adventureland Childcare

  • Joel Lopez

    Worship Producer, Fishers Campus
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    Joel Lopez

    Joel LopezWorship Producer, Fishers Campus

  • Michelle Luginbill

    Westfield Campus Coordinator
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    Michelle Luginbill

    Michelle LuginbillWestfield Campus Coordinator

  • Phoenix Lyons

    Technical Coordinator
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    Phoenix Lyons

    Phoenix LyonsTechnical Coordinator

  • Nathan Moore

    Resident Pastor/Personal Aide
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    Nathan Moore

    Nathan MooreResident Pastor/Personal Aide

  • Mark Patterson

    Associate Worship Director
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    Mark Patterson

    Mark PattersonAssociate Worship Director

  • Jennifer Reardon-McSoley

    Senior Director of Adventureland Childcare
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    Jennifer Reardon-McSoley

    Jennifer Reardon-McSoleySenior Director of Adventureland Childcare

  • Elise Robbins

    Heartland Students Coordinator
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    Elise Robbins

    Elise RobbinsHeartland Students Coordinator

  • Sylvia Schertz

    Human Resource Administrator
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    Sylvia Schertz

    Sylvia SchertzHuman Resource Administrator

  • Don Scheske

    Pastor of Groups
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    Don Scheske

    Don ScheskePastor of Groups

  • Loree Scheske

    Creative Director
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    Loree Scheske

    Loree ScheskeCreative Director

  • Aaron Smith

    Communications Coordinator
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    Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithCommunications Coordinator

  • Laura Walls

    Connections & Growth Track Resident
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    Laura Walls

    Laura WallsConnections & Growth Track Resident

  • J.R. Viers

    Audio Coordinator
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    J.R. Viers

    J.R. Viers Audio Coordinator

  • Katie Wilcoxson

    Worship Director
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    Katie Wilcoxson

    Katie WilcoxsonWorship Director

  • Liz Isenburg

    Sr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Fishers
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    Liz Isenburg

    Liz IsenburgSr. Family Ministries Coordinator, Fishers