Relationship Conference

Relationship CONFERENCE

March 2-3, 2018

Join us for a new type of conference we are hosting at Heartland called the Relationship Conference. We'll be addressing some of the hot topics that people, no matter their relationship status, are experiencing. Check out the breakout sessions and headline speakers below for more information about this conference!

 Cost: $25/per person

Location: NE Indy Campus


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Friday, March 2nd, 2018
7:00 PM—Registration
7:30 PM—Welcome, Worship and Opening Act
8:00 PM—Session One
8:45 PM—Break
9:00 PM—After Party
Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
9:00 AM—Welcome, Worship and Opening Act
9:15 AM—Session Two
10:00 AM—Transition to Breakout
10:15 AM—Break Out Session
11:00 AM—Break
11:10 AM—Closing Session
11:40 AM—Q&A Session
11:55 AM—Wrap Up & Close


Breakout Sessions:

You will get a choice of attending one of these breakout sessions at registration


“Singleness/Finding the Perfect Mate"

In this breakout, you will hear the heart of Trina Jenkins as she speaks about the new world of dating.  Whether you have never been married, your kids are old enough to start dating, or you are now back in the dating scene, Trina will give you direction on how to navigate this whole new world.

“The Nature of Intimacy in All Relationships”

If intimacy means, at its heart: “into-me-see”, then it is something that we long for and sometimes greatly fear. We will look at the up-close and personal aspects of intimacy to drive us more towards liberation, insight, and coming to choose the path of growing, mature love. This is a great workshop to help improve your relationship with God, Self and Others!

“A Thriving Marriage – Communication, Time Management (Social Media Limits), Intimacy & Fun with Your Spouse”

We all strive for success in all areas of life … why not your marriage?!  Join us for this breakout to learn how to create a successful marriage from communication to fun with your spouse.

“Not as Easy as it Looks:  Tackling the Unique Challenges of a Blended Family plus Young Kids - How to Do that Well”

In this breakout, we will tackle the topic of how to succeed in blending a family together into a cohesive unit of love and peace.  You will get practical tips on how to raise young children and to integrate older children into a blended marriage. 

“Navigating Through Life Transitions: First Child to Empty Nest” 

Life transitions are tough on a marriage…but there’s hope!  This breakout will show you how to transition well from being a new parent to transitioning through each of the stages with your kids (school, teen years) and ultimately in how to be an Empty Nester. 

 “Is it His/Hers or Ours: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have”

During this breakout, you will get practical tips on how to discuss money with your spouse. These conversations will result in a stronger marriage and alleviate one of the major stressors in marriage.  Ericka will provide you with a great guide and can launch you into a small group studying “Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have”.


Headline Speakers:

Pastor John Jenkins
Pastor Jenkins leads the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, a church of over 20,000 near Baltimore, MD. Even with his many obligations, Pastor Jenkins holds his role as family man as the highest treasure. He and his wife Trina are the proud parents of six children and one granddaughter.

Both Pastor John Jenkins and his wife Trina will be joining us for the conference.

Kristin and Danny Adams
Kristin and Danny are both veterans of the entertainment industry, working in Los Angeles for 15 years before moving to Indianapolis to focus their efforts in producing online content full-time. Together they homeschool their two children, Harper (7) and Holt (4), travel across the country hosting and emceeing live events, speak at marriage conferences, and perform their "Laughter Is The Best Medicine" program.

They will be our entertainment and emcees for our conference.