High School

9th – 12th GRADE

What We Do:

Services, Small Groups, Serving Opportunities

Why We Do It:

  • To love students well. To help them experience the love of God through loving relationships with our leaders and other students
  • To lead students in a growing relationship with Jesus. To help them get closer to God and other people through more intimate relationships (small groups)
  • To launch students out to be the church and change the world. We give them opportunities to serve within our church and around our community and city.

Testimonies from students and small group leaders


Jerimiah Gorman: “Serving as a small group leader in the student ministry has allowed not only me but my whole family to encourage, disciple, and live life with these students. It is not just having fun seeing a movie, grilling out, or playing video games either. It has also been spiritually challenging in the best way possible. In order to help these students become God dependent and draw closer to Him, I have learned I have to be open and authentic about my own struggles when I was their age and how God brought me through them. Seeing God work in these student’s hearts and lives has made all the time and effort worthwhile. There is no greater reward than knowing your humble efforts are making an eternal impact.”    

High School Students:

Imani: “What I love most about our high school ministry is how accepting and close we are as a group. I've never met a group of people my age who are so loving of everyone who comes through the doors of MidWeek every other week!”

Noah: “The ministry has impacted me by making me feel closer to God as a family. The ministry makes people feel welcome and not judged in any way. It's an all around great program for students who are seeking God.”

Lucy: “I really love that all the leaders are so approachable. I've been to youth groups in the past & the leaders always seemed to be these perfect Christians who never did anything wrong. Some people might think they want that in a leader, but that can make talking to them a bit intimidating. I like that all of our high school leaders all have a story & are not perfect.”

Mona: “I love our high school ministry because it’s such an accepting environment where I’ve met some of my really good friends. Also, I like how the messages apply to my life as a high schooler.”


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    Student Night


    At STUDENT NIGHT you will experience powerful worship and a great message geared towards students.  Although service starts at 7:00pm, we encourage you to come early and hang out with us in the lobby, it is a perfect time to get connect! Also, feel free to invite as many friends as you like, you do not need to be a member of Heartland Church to attend. 

    Be sure to stick around for The AfterParty immediately following Student Night.

    For more information, please contact Elise Robbins.


Additional Information

High School:

  • Breakaway Annual summer camp
  • Snow Days Annual winter retreat
  • Special events throughout the year that focus on building relationships, growing as a community, and serving together.